PATIENTS Program Engagement

Our Mission

The PATIENTS Program partners with patients and care providers to answer questions about the best treatment options to improve health and quality of life. We engage people from all communities, especially those from underserved and minority populations, in every step of the patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) process. Through our collective efforts, we create an effective learning health care community.

  • We listen to our patients’ voices so that we ask relevant and meaningful questions.

  • We align research priorities with the values of patients and communities.

  • We transform research to make it more relevant and patient-centered.

  • We train patients, stakeholders, and researchers to become co-developers of PCOR.

PREP-IT is a pragmatic randomized trial evaluating pre-operative aqueous and antiseptic skin solution on open and closed fractures.

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research, PCOR, at its best is hard to define. It may look different in every study. PREP-IT stakeholders, such as patient advisors, research coordinators, and surgeons, define PCOR and how it affects the PREP-IT study.

The PREP-IT Trial team is a unique blend of patients, nurses, researchers, surgeons who learn from each other creating a multi-directional learning environment.